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P201 Series - USB & RS485 Encoder Interfaces OVERVIEW The P201 series are single channel encoder interfaces suitable for use with a wide variety of 5V rotary and linear encoders. The USB versions allow encoders to be easily interfaced to and powered from a PC using only a USB cable. The new RS485 encoder interface (P201-9B-RS485) enables long distance, multidrop capability for SSI or BiSS C encoders. The P201 USB versions are available with several protocols: P201-15R supporting quadrature encoders (15D connector)-counting to 40MHz P201-15R-HS supporting quadrature encoders (15D connector)-counting to 50MHz P201-15DS supporting 2 quadrature encoders (1 differential + 1 single ended) P201-9Q supporting quadrature encoders (9D connector) P201-9S supporting absolute SSI encoders (9D connector) P201-9B supporting absolute encoders with BiSS C Unidirectional interface Available as a cased end user product or as an oem module. Custom options available. The P201 RS485 version is currently available with 2 protocols: P201-9B-RS485 is an RS485 to SSI or BiSS C interface (currently oem module only) Supported by PC based GUI Demonstration software and supplied with USB drivers that emulate a COM Port. Virtual COM Port access enables simple interfacing from LabVIEW, C#.Net, VB.Net TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Encoder functional test Encoder demonstration RPM Measurement   Gauging PC based automation Engine test rigs; speed, angle
Current P201
Preview of new format P201 available Q1 2017
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