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Model JF-ENCA-11  USB Simultaneous sampling Encoder + Analog data acquisition OVERVIEW The new JF-ENCA-11 simultaneously samples readings form a rotary  or linear position encoder with an analogue input signal enabling sensor signals to be measured against position or velocity. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Materials testing: stress-strain analysis Dynamometers, rolling roads Engine analysis: analogue variables such as torque or pressure versus crank angle Motor analysis: analogue variable versus rotor position Turbine analysis Optical scanning Sonar and ultrasound scanning Verification of analogue displacement sensors such as potentiometers and LVDTs, against an encoder reference Any application where an analogue sensor needs to be logged against position or speed FEATURES Quadrature encoder input with count rate to 30MHz Encoder input is directly pluggable with Renishaw digital encoders (15D connector). On board Programmable Gain Amplifier with 11 gain settings from  ⅛ to x128   Full scale analogue voltage input programmable over USB from ±32 millivolts upto ±10V  High speed 24 bit SAR analogue to digital converter, internally sampling at 90kHz  Onboard Precision 4.096V reference is buffered and available to power sensors such as  potentiometers, pressure transducers, and strain gauge based sensors USB powered; USB 2.0 Full Speed compatibility. 
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